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Communion And Love Feast

Communion and Love Feast

A tradition carried down from the last days of Jesus' life, our Love Feast and Communion services are meant to recreate the last meal that Jesus shared with his Disciples. Men and women are separated on either sides of the room and each take a simple meal of meat and bread by candlelight. This is followed by a feet washing ceremony during which old hymns are sung while the dust of our travels are washed away. For the one having their feet washed, this is symbolic of our preparation for the following Communion - we need to keep our relationship with God clean and fresh. For the one who is washing another's feet, this is a service of love and humility - it is the sin of pride and superiority that often keeps us from doing Gods service. The Elements are taken last, unleavened bread and juice that is symbolic of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ which was broken and shed for us.

Bible School

Communion and Love Feast

What would our lives be without the memories of Bible School? The food and fellowship, play-time and crafts, food and singing, oh, did I mention food? The Vacation Bible School Program held at Beaver Creek is greater than it ever was! Kids of all ages get together for a week during the summer months and learn just how much joy there is in Gods love for us. The 2012 VBS theme was SKY: Everything Is Possible With God. If you missed it this year, don't worry! This years VBS promises to be just as exciting and will be July 7 - July 12, 2013! If you'd like to join us, please contact us today!